• I would like to buy a hamburger.

    I would like to buy a hamburger.

    I’m pretty sure this is just about exactly what I sound like when someone tries to help my French pronunciation…  

  • What Alma is doing now

    Here is an assortment of some recent pictures of our precious little Alma. [nggallery id=1]      

  • grotte


    While Grandma Watts was here we took a drive up to some caves in the Vercors mountains.  We had been there a few times before the last time we lived here  – it’s an amazing drive up an incredibly twisty, narrow, hanging on the side of the cliff, through tunnels, you can’t always get past the cars…

  • October recap

    October recap

    I realise that most of this month has gotten by without much news from us. So without further delay – here is a quick review of what went on in our part of the world over the past few weeks.   Kids Olympics At the kids school they had an Olympiad – which looked a little bit like…