Pardon Our French

Hi there!

We are a family of six originally from Edmonton, Canada – in rural Burundi where we live and work at Kibuye Hope Hospital with a team sent by Serge.

We have 4 kids – boy/girl/boy/girl.  The first and last born in the same hospital in Grenoble, France – the middle two in Edmonton, Canada. Apparently, we’ve spent 15 of the past 25 years or so in francophone countries – but you’ll really need to pardon our French.  (Well not the kids…they make fun of my accent too…c’est la vie)

For more info on the where/why/how/what we’re doing here – you can click on WATTS IN AFRICA up there to the left…

Pardon Our French is the chronicling of our lives that we started when we moved to France (the second time) in 2010.

Consider yourself informed.