• Grand Duc

    Grand Duc

      The last Sunday in June I was part of a relay team that ran an Ultra Trail race called the Grand Duc. Well, actually we had two teams of 5 between our little english-language church and a French church that we partner with.  Having two teams made the run even better, as we could then have…

  • Cairo


    On my way home from Ethiopia I had a 24hr layover in Cairo.  Considering the recent spats of unrest that Egypt has had, tourism is WAY down. However, this means that places are not crowded, and there are many well qualified guides who normally are running group tours, that are available to hire for the…

  • She’s growing fast

    She’s growing fast

    I realise there hasn’t been much in the way of updates here for a while, so I thought I better get some pictures of Alma up. Not (just) because she’s arguably the cutest – but because she’s still changing so much. So without further ado….