Car Buying Day!

Today we went out to buy a car.  Should only take an hour or so right?  Oh no no no Monsieur, c’est la France!

We got lost on our way to this little town way up in the mountains – and the guy had to drive to find us and lead us back to his little farmey place.  By the time we got there -and took it for a little test drive, and decided to buy it – it was 1:00. So then the insurance guy was of course still on lunch. So we drove back to the nearest village and found a boulangerie and bought some sandwiches and the kids each picked out a treat. We sat in the little town square – and had a little picnic.  By 2:00 the insurance guy was back – and we called him and got things all lined up. Voila. Now just a short (2hr) drive back – easy peasy. 10am – 4:30pm – one car bought.