Chateau de Vizille

Yesterday we took a little drive over to the town of Vizille just down the valley for a little outing in the parc around the chateau.  It was more amazing than either of us had remembered. The chateau itself is magnificent, and the grounds are – well, fit for royalty (go figure) and apparently 100 acres.  There is a huge herd of some type of deer that we watched (former royal hunting grounds), there were geese, swans, peacocks, and what appeared to be a 17th century fish farm.

The kids played tag in a rose-garden maze, and walked leisurely past this chateau as if there were nothing out of the ordinary for it.

The other thing we noticed is that we called it a castle, but the kids heard from their friends “chateau” and when our kids said it, of course they did not have our horrible english accent to their French. So that’s how it’s going to work.  It probably won’t be very long until our children are shaking their heads and apologizing for their parents ridiculous foreign accents.