Le Pont du Gard

On our way home from le Midi we made a small detour off the autoroute to stretch our legs, let the blood flow back into my white-knuckled driving hands, and let the kids do what all small children love best – look at ancient Roman ruins!

The Pont du Gard is an absolute engineering marvel. It was part of a 50km aquaduct system that carried water from a spring to the Roman city of Nimes. It drops only 12m over that entire length Рso the layout and building of the entire system had to be incredibly precise Рwhich is impressive considering 1st Century building equipment.

We walked around a bit – wandered over to the other side – and then cooled off in the river, and the kids chased fish before we had to get back in the car to drive back home – as all three of the kids started school the next morning.

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