The South of France!

We decided to take a quick vacation last week since:

1. we had previously promised the kids a 3 month holiday which disappeared

2. they started school on Thursday

3.if we didn’t leave the Simoni house, it’s possible one of our kids or their stuff would end up in a 40ft sea container bound for the port of Dubai.

We were very fortunate to be able to stay in my uncle Milton & aunt Sharon’s place in Caux in the south of France (note: why I say “the south of France” but not “the west of Canada” is probably a bit odd.  Although if you say it with an Inspector Clouseau accent it seems to make more sense)

We had an absolutely great time.  We drove down on Monday morning – and the drive itself is actually quite impressive. In 3 hours we travelled from mid-elevation Alpine forrest to plains, from damp cool to very hot and dry, from Les Alpes to the Mediterranean Sea.

The town of Caux is amazing. The core of the town is built around/on/in/with/on-top-of the remains of a fortified city laid out in a 10th century circular pattern.  (the Ramparts defended the town well during the 100 Years War until it was taken in 1579 by those pesky Huguenots.)

We had a lot of fun just making meals together, hanging out and reading, and exploring the town.


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