A week or two ago we had raclette for supper (melt cheese – pour over potatoes – eat – feel your stomach fill and arteries clog)


We drove up to a cremerie – a small farm where the man makes his own cheese / yogurt etc.  The kids play with the bunnies in the cages (and we don’t tell them why a farmer has so many bunnies) and we pick out some cheese.  Just tell the man: “raclette for X number of people” (even tell him how many adults and how many kids) and he sells you the right amount of cheese. This time we bought one chunck of traditional raclette cheese, and a blue cheese.  (you can see above that the boys each have an affinity for one type)

I often say that my goal in living here is to eat my body weight in dairy products on a weekly basis… I”m pretty sure I met my quota early that week.


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