well, that was weird

I was extra tired this afternoon (having left the house at 6:44) – so by the time I was leaving the business school – I was dragging a bit.  I also had an incredible pounding headache- which I had thought may be attributed to caffiene (I have pretty much stopped drinking coffee altogether {thank you Transcend Coffee for elevating my tastes to a level that I cannot find here} but had had a shot or two the previous two days).  I was debating whether or not to get a coffee – just to wake me up – and for my head, but decided against it. 

So I continue my solitary walk towards the tram stop.

Suddenly right in front of me a giant Monster Truck drives up over the curve and parks on the side walk.  As in a giant (OK giant for here – but like what people use for commuting in Alberta) American pick up – all jacked up -and custom painted lime green for ‘MONSTER ENERGY DRINK"  A guy and a girl jump out – and the techno-rock music spills out to the street.  He jumps up into the back – flips up a door – and reaches in to a giant ice-chest and starts handing out cans of the Caffiene-Turarin-Ginsigng-Panda-Blood-nicotine-whatever-else-laden stuff to whoever walks past.   This all happens directly between the entrance to the school and the tram stop. So basically without changing a step – I reach out and take his half-litre offering, and keep walking.

It was suddenly as if Robert Munsch was writing the story of my day. As if I was a bit actor in a screenplay written by Dr Seuss.  Like my day was a theactrical rendition of a Salvador Dali sketch.

then I went home. (and my headache went away)