New Chez Nous

Just wanted to get a quick post up (using ‘borrowed’ WiFi) to let everyone know that we are indeed alive, and have in fact moved into our new place.  We still don’t have internet/phone at home (since moving on Oct 25) – but a technician from France Telecom was out on Wednesday – so now there is at least an actual line to our house that is connected to the phone network.  …one step at a time.

Our new place is great – it is working out fantastic to have our landlords as neighbours.  They also take on the role of: french teacher, house-call doctor, and resident dog.  Their dog Zola – is about as good as it gets for having a pet. The kids can go outside and play with her whenever they want. But we don’t feed her, clean up after her  – or have any responsibility for her behaviour….perfect.

Our new place has good bus connections for me to get down into Grenoble to the business school – and the last bit from the bus stop to our house is good for me – 1 km long, 100m up.  It’s only 3min drive to school for the kids – and our street is a dead end so there is not much traffic on it.

This place is truly an answer to prayers – and we feel incredibly blessed to have found it.


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