It’s a Christmas Miracle!

I’m not sure what’s a bigger Christmas miracle: the fact that we woke up the morning of Dec 24th to a beautiful snowfall (started in the night – forecasting up to 30cm at higher elevations) or the fact that the snow tires that I started trying to get over a month ago  – arrived the day before yesterday – and were installed yesterday.  Bring it on.

We were already out sledding this morning (we’ve learned now that helmets and goggles are in order as there are a lot of bushes/trees/stumps/rocks/fence posts to try and dodge)  – and by this afternoon our tracks are almost covered over again. It’s been sunny all week – with quite a bit of rain – so it looked like it was going to be a green and muddy Christmas – but now everything is covered in a thick, thick blanket of snow.  So far we’ve spent today playing games, sledding, watching Christmas shows and watching the snow fall outside.


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