Last Saturday was our first taste of Alpine winter. The kids spent all morning sledding down the hill in our yard. There was tonnes of snow  and it was beautiful and warm out.  Saturday was also the Marché de Noel in our village. We walked down the hill (as we had to abandon our car there the night before as we couldn’t get up the hill) and went and had a look around. We had some Vin Chaude with some friends we met there, bought the kids crafts from the little booth their school had (buying your own kids crafts seems like child-labour taken UP a notch) and a wreath for the door.

 Then we came home, had lunch, and it was back to the sleds. It’s pretty handy to be able to literally step out of the door, onto a sled, and down the hill. 

By the way – the music is by the talented Junkyard Poets – check them out:   They are some young guys from back home – that have played in our church a number of times – both as a group & with other musicians. Have a listen.