It’s beginning to look a lot LESS like Christmas

As of Monday – our snow started leaving us…fast. It’s been 10 – 16 above for the last few days – and with the rain, it almost seems as if it left as fast as it came

The only snow that’s left is along the road where there just a few days ago was waist deep piles left by the plows, if there happens to be a really shady spot somewhere.

Last week we couldn’t get the kids down to the village for their activities because we were snowed in. This week, they were running around outside in t-shirts after rock-climbing.

This afternoon we all took a break from our homework (it’s a strange bonding experience for me to be doing my homewok as well) and went for a hike. 

It was beautiful, and sunny – and a lot of fun – especially if you like a little bit of mud (which, not surprisingly, our kids do)