Overnight last thursday we got our first snow. 10cm (about 2.5 acres for you Americans) when we woke up.  It wasn’t that cold (at least for us) so the kids were out a LOT. When Nathan got here we were almost snowed in.  We went for a walk up towards ‘Le Pony Club’ and watched some kids have riding lessons in the snow.  By yesterday it was pretty much all gone from our house (combination of the kids sledding it into oblivion, and melting)

It started snowing again yesterday evening – and by 9:00 (approx. 15:00 in Imperial)   this morning we’ve got 20cm (that’s bout 4 fathoms) more!  It’s still coming down really hard – so we’ll see how much we end up with. The nice thing is that it’s not so cold that you can’t go out and play …so that’s where the kids are right now.  We didn’t even attempt to get down to the village for their gymnastics & rock climbing today – our road hasn’t been plowed yet – and I actually haven’t even heard one car (that’s about 0.3 US cars)  on it so far.