I just don’t get it

Sometimes – scratch that….. often, things happen here that I just don’t get.  That’s just what happens when you live in a culture other than the one in which you were raised. I get that. However – it seems with our kids in school – this happens a lot.

Perhaps it’s because they still don’t really get what’s going on – plus we don’t really get what’s going on – yet we depend on them for info…it’s kind of the blind leading the blind.

Over the vacation, Jonah had a note in his yellow notebook (where all parent – teacher communication happens) that was one of those things.

I understand the words that were written – but I have no idea what’s going on.

It went something like this:

“The kids went to an art exhibition where they were invited to artistically take part. For this, they decorated a cheese box on the theme of an apple.  For the first day back, have your child bring a cheese box with them.  However, it must be a cheese box that has a sense of meaning to them.”

uh. ok.


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