The Eternal City. Cradle of the great Roman Empire – and the Republic before it. We had never been to Rome before – so we (all 5 of us) we’re pretty excited for our trip during the first week of the kids 2-week vacation.

It seemed like perhaps our trip was off to a bit of a rough start. Around 5am we were up with a vomiting child, and I don’t think what he really wanted to do was drive through the mountains to Geneva, get on a plane, then have an Italian taxi ride into Rome.

Luckily we didn’t have to leave the house until close to noon- and by that time he was at least a bit stable.   Micah perked up – actually slept a bit on the plane (which our children seem to have a genetic disposition to be unable to do) and the trip was uneventful.

We made it to Rome, got to our apartment where our lovely host Giovanna was waiting for us. She gave us a bit of orientation, suggested what we might want to do with the kids – and had already even stocked us with some food for breakfast since she knew we were getting in later in the afternoon.

We settled in – got a feel for the neighbourhood and just relaxed for a bit. We got a real feel for the city just by looking out the kitchen windows and staring at the 1800 year old defensive walls that were built under Emperor Aurilian.

Giovanna had directed us to a wonderful restaurant within walking distance of the apartment – so we waited for them to open for supper (7:30) and enjoyed some GREAT pizza.

Home – bed – ready for the sites the next day.


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