Tis True.

For those who have not yet heard..we do have some very exciting news…We are in fact expecting. Yes – that’s not some tricky code for something else…Susan is pregnant

The little one is due mid-September (this would be a good time to NOT remind Susan about 35 degree days in July and Aug here)

We told the kids last weekend and they are pretty excited.

Lots of questions – from where is the baby going to sleep (hmm…good point actually), to names.

Matea suggested Hope Joy  if it’s a girl  – and in an unrelated conversation Micah suggested Zach Pope  if it’s a boy.  Zach – after his stuffed animal – which is named after cousin Joy’s dog – and when I said “what?” he just replied: “Pope! You know – like in Rome” mmmmkay.

Strange that it looks like we’ll have two kids born at the same hospital in Grenoble – and two in the same hospital in Edmonton.