Education…for the real world

Yesterday the kids had some sort of ‘cheese tasting’ at school.

Sarko looking at cheese

 It was supposed to be a few weeks ago – but somehow got bumped to this week.  Now, this is not to be confused with the chevrettes [baby goats] that are coming to the school later for the kids to learn about, play with – and then taste goat cheese.

Of course – as is par for the course – we really have very little chance of getting any clarity on what really went on.

We got the following commentary from our three kids:

1) We had cheese tasting all day long.  It’s all we did. All I had was Comté.  I ate 15 pieces of Comté.  

2) We were separated into groups and got to taste 3 kinds of cheese.  There were questions and I was the only one who knew that a vache has 4 estomach.  That was it.

3) First we were separated into different groups. There was red, blue, green and orange. I was in the orange group. Then they made boards that had different kinds of cheese on them and we had to answer questions and then sample the different kinds of cheese on each of the platters. When you answer questions correctly your team got points and each of the teams were competing for…..{editor’s note: I don’t precisely recall the rest of this report..but it did go into quite some level of detail, but still rather sketchy and not altogether coherent }

Sarko eating cheese

Bottom line: the kids had cheese tasting/appreciation/identification as part of their public education curriculum.  I guess in a nation where the average person eats around 25kg of cheese per year – it’s something that you want to get right.

Now that’s something I don’t mind my  tax euros    money from people who actually have jobs and pay taxes going towards.