No – not a giant SUV with chrome spinners on the oversized wheels – that’s an /ɛs kəˈleɪd/ – I mean /es.ka.lad/ – rock climbing.

Jonah has been doing rock climbing as his Wednesday activity this year (since kids don’t have school on Wednesday – for more on that see here)

Last week was his first time climbing outside – on real rock, instead of the climbing wall in our village centre sportif.

His teacher is a pretty funny guy   – we were given the following map to get to the climbing site.

Note the “princess in distress” calling out for help from the top of one of the turrets of the chateau (the chateau is actually there) and the warning “Chevaux”  with a little exclamation point – basically “here be horses” I think.

the younger brothers hang out.

while the older brothers climb


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