Joyeuses Pâques

It seems that large, tradition-filled celebrations are what often makes living away from home seem rather different.  Easter, like Christmas, was one of those times.  In some ways there is so much different – but in some ways it really helps to see what really is at the core, that remains the same.  Take away the family traditions, the commercialism, and the familiarity – and suddenly it gives you a chance to think about what the holiday is really about.

We had an Easter that in some ways had parallels to our Easter.  Being stripped of what we normally associate with the holiday – we were faced with a situation where we were able to just slow down, and appreciate the truth of this celebration.

We were able to spend a few days with some old friends who have a family summer home up in the Chartreuse mountains.

 It’s quite the place. I think there are seven more bedrooms than we have in our house. It’s a beautiful house, surrounded with nothing but alpine forests and flower-filled meadows.  There were lots of kids (I think I counted 15 at one point) – lots of great food, and a chance to meet some new friends and spend time with old ones.

They had to head back home as the Paris region was just finishing their spring vacances, but our region was just starting.   

That – and I had a class on managing databases for academic research class at 08.00 the next day (good times)