Fête des Pères

In case any of you were concerned – don’t worry – I was shown just as much love on Father’s day as was shown on la Fete des Meres.  The kids started asking on Friday if it was Fathers day, and if they could give me the presents they had made in school. In contrast to Mothers Day – the celebrating of Dad’s is the same day in France as it is in North America.  The kids couldn’t even wait until after breakfast – not to mention any thought of waiting until we got home from church – to give me what they had made.  I was instructed to sit on the couch – and open presents.  The whole thing is quite touching.  Yes -they made things that they were given time and instructions to make in school – but the excitement, the anticipation that they show – they so desperately want to show me what they’ve made.  They also all insisted on making breakfast. 

I was reminded the other day of how as a Christian perhaps the most fundamental thing I have to do as a Dad, is to be a bearer of the fatherly love that God has for all his children. It’s scary and encouraging at the same time – but it also helps me to understand how natural an outpouring of love – like what my kids show me, really should be for all of us.