More of the South of the France

We headed down to Sète for their market, as we would have to wait a few days for the market in Pézenas.  It was still overcast, and constantly threatening rain – but it held off long enough for us to get some produce from a veggie seller, some baguette from the boulangerie, some cheese and we had a car picnic – as it was pretty much drizzling by the time we got back to the car. Sete is right on the sea – so the kids even ran down to look for some shells, despite the cool cloudy weather.

We also spent some time just wandering around Caux.  It is actually pretty fun for the kids – as the streets around the house (inside the ancient ramparts) are all just sidewalks, so they can run up and down, around all these zig-zagging mazes, and passage ways, and roads that end in stairs that seem to circle back to where you’ve been (I think MC Escher may have gotten some inspiration from this place).

But still we had not accomplished what we had set out for: the sea, vineyards, and a real market.


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