On our way home

We left Pézenas / Caux on Sunday morning – and headed home. Unfortunately it seemed that 35% of the French population – plus what appeared to be every Dutch trailer and German motorhome were also on the same stretch of autoroute. 

We branched off the main road – and headed for Nyons and its market.  We got there in time to look though the various vendors of the truly provençal things:  fabric, honey, olives / olive oil / olive wood, soap, pottery etc. 

Not wanting to head back and pay tolls to sit in a traffic jam we followed the Route Napoléan (the route he took in 1812 when he returned from his exile on the Isle of Elba). It is an incredibly windy yet scenic drive through the mountains back home.  (note: It’s quite striking that after only living here less than a year – the sight of the snow-capped Alpes already gives a significant “ahhhh..we’re home” kind of feeling at first sight. )

All things considered – a pretty nice long weekend trip!