Pézenas & the sea

The next morning we went into Pézenas, and wandered around for a while.

The town has an amazing collection of artisan shops, so it’s fun to just walk (or run if your under 12) through the streets.

You could almost get lost in the narrow winding streets lined with stone buildings that have toy stores, leather shops, doll-makers, jewlery fabricators, potters, chefs, silversmiths, cloth vendors and so many other hand-made things.

We had a short stop for some pastries and café – then headed for the sea.

Luckily the weather held out for us while we were there. We got some baguette, cheese, fruit etc and had a picnic on the beach. The kids wore themselves out jumping over waves, building castles, burying each other, and digging canals.

 Once they had spent a fair amount of time trying to either hold back the sea one shovel of sand at a time, or empty it out one bucket at a time we concluded that it was in fact an impossible task, so we headed home.


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