Une Marche

We took a little stroll around Caux one evening – just to get out.  The town is set up around two concentric circular roads, the innermost road roughly following the remains of the 500 year old city walls.  If you walk in a straight line out from the middle of Caux you will hit vineyards, it is inevitable.  They seem to surround the town on every side.  Fields of wine grapes are to Caux what wheat fields are to Frontier Saskatchewan: they are part of the town image, they are the backbone of the local economy, they are just what’s done around there, and they are everywhere.

A walk seems so much more interesting (at least for us) when you pass by fig trees, aloe plants, grape vines, palm trees, lavender, poppies, some kind of wild rice (? I think), unidentifiable fruit trees, and lots of other things that just don’t grow so well back in Alberta.