Fin d’année scolaire

Last Friday was the kids last day of school for the year.  It was a good year for them overall  – not always easy, but good. I think sometimes I underestimate what they were put through: moving out of our house, leaving friends & family in Edmonton, moving almost 8000km away, a new house, a new town, an entirely new school system, and in a language that they didn’t know.

They’ve all made great progress in one year-

Here’s what the kids say was their favourite activity from the school year:

Micah: drawing pictures and playing lego

Matéa: field trips, gym (especially rock climbing), math, and anglophone engish class with Miss Cindy.

Jonah: playing with friends, gym (especially roller blading & swimming)

They all had really great teachers, and adjusted surprising well to everything.  I wish that I could have learned as much in my school year as they did.

 So we’ve now had a week of summer vacation – and they are already getting well into summer holiday mode – swimming in the (neighbors) pool, getting out to eat supper outside at 7:30 in their swimsuits….


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