Permis de Conduire

I’m not sure what the strangest part about getting our French drivers licenses was:

  • that we could directly exchange them for our Alberta license – without having to prove any comprehension of the French driving rules- or even evidence of an understanding of what all the road signs mean (which is very fortunate)
  • that Alberta registries claimed a computer error had lost the actual dates of our first issuance of our drivers license – so they basically made it up
  • when they did so – the records now show that I have been driving for 2 years less than Susan – which is off by about 4 years.
  • That my license allows me to drive a car here – while my lovely wife can also drive a scooter/small motor bike.
  • that it was actually July 1 – Canada Day – that we were standing in a French national office trading in our Canadian licenses for French ones.
  • that it’s a lifetime document, with no expiry date – yet it is not even laminated.