Grandma is here.

My mom and Aunt have been here for about a week now and we’ve done quite a few things since they got here: 

the kids have had multiple scavenger / treasure hunts.  (which is kind of funny as I remember Auntie Nora having them for me and my siblings when we were their age)

went to the grounds at the Chateau de Vizille     
We rode the cable-car up to the bastille fort (where we were promptly clouded in)
We went to the museum of Alpine Troupes,  we went to the Ancient Baptistry Museum, the’ve come to drop the  kids off at school, walked around our village, gone into Grenoble, the Musée de la Révolution Française, and we’ve gone for multiple walks and hikes (as well as whatever else I can’t remember right now)

Yesterday we went for a hike that we had never been on before, just up the mountain a bit from us – it took us through the woods – and out to an incredible lookout over our village and down to Grenoble in the valley. 

someone obviously ascribes to the belief that mountain hikes induce labour