Rentrée 2011

The kids had their first day of school today.   It went pretty well for all of them.  We were a little worried about how Micah would adjust to full days – but he did just fine.  They all seem to like their teachers – and Micah and Matea – sorry Matéa – are in the same class.


Their class is a GS/CE1 split.  You see – of course – we have one in GS – which is Grande Section – one in CE1 which is “something something 1” and one in CM1 which is ‘something-I-think-maternelle 1.  Class Maternelle 1 maybe?
So yes – we are obviously very involved parents who are right on top of our children’s education.
When I was putting the protective plastic wrapping on the work books this evening (don’t ask) I did flip through a reading book and notice that Louis XIV and a crème caramel recipe were in it.
 So that should be good.
It does seem strange that we are already doing this for a second time.


  • Holli

    So glad they had a good day!
    I do have to ask about the plastic wrap – as Drake came home and said to put some plastic on his books???
    Oh and don’t feel bad- I was picking the kids up for lunch and couldn’t tell the Irish man my kids teachers names…. REALLY INVOLVED PARENT thats when I wanted to pretend I didn’t understand “Irish”!haha here is to day 2, 3 and 4 going better then the last!

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