She’s Here!

Our precious baby girl Alma Hope was born this morning – September 9th at 6:15 (CET) at Clinique Belledonne here in Grenoble (technically St Martin d’Heres) France

(yes – this is what Susan looks like just after giving birth)

She weighs 3.42kg (~ 7 lbs 8 1/2 oz) and is 49cm (~ 19″) tall.

Everything went great – all the mid-wives and the doctor were amazed at how well Susan did. We are so thankful that we had a safe delivery – and they are both healthy.

Things really couldn’t have gone better (yes I know – easy for me to say)

Thank you for all your prayers – and for all the kindness that has been shown to us. We had the most incredible care in the hospital -and I am actually having a bit of a hard time trying to keep track of all the offers to help out.   From being able to drop our 3 older kids off at 4:00 am at friends who already have 4 kids (thank you Kiesers) to offers to take the kids for a meal, a night, the weekend, bring us food, and help us out in other ways I am quite honestly overwhelmed

The kids came down to see her after school – and they were all really, really excited to meet her.  Micah has especially been talking to her a lot over the last few weeks – telling her all kinds of things, like what we’re having for supper, what we did that day – just so she wasn’t out of the loop when she was born I suppose

Micah also told her “I will love you forever” then turned to Susan and said

“I wont fight with her – EVER!”


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