…and she’s gone

Well –  Grandma is on her way home again. We had a great time with Susan’s mom over the past few weeks. We have all loved having the chance to spend time with her and Susan and I have been spoiled by her help.  
We know that living this far away from all of our family – that seeing them is not a given. We know quite a few people whose family is not willing &/or able to visit – so it’s not something we take for granted.  Since we’ve been here we’ve had Susan’s mom, her parents were both here, my mom and Aunt Nora, my sister Marie, cousin Nathan, Aaron and Heather and their girls were here this summer….   

  It makes living away from home a lot less difficult when the part  you miss actually comes to you (because it sure is not the Edmonton winter that we miss – as forecasts for this weekend give us temperatures about 30º warmer here)

This visit we were able to travel to Paris with her and do some fun trips etc- but mostly just have her here.   The kids were glad to have someone else to read their english homework to, to go on walks around our place, someone to take them for lunch, and to show them their favourite hikes.


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