Paris – day 2

For our second day in Paris we decided to first head to the Louvre.  We wandered through some ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman stuff – then Susan sat down by some 2000 year old marble sculptures to feed Alma – and the kids were on a mission to find the Mona Lisa. 
They found her – and surprisingly- they weren’t disappointed (which seems to be the usual reaction).  Jonah said that’s all that he wanted to see.  Sure  – there’s only 35,000 works of art – spread over 60,000 square meters – might as well focus in so that you don’t get spread too thin.  It’s impossible to do justice to a museum that has been around since 1793 in a building that was started in the 12th century – but it’s hard to visit Paris and not go see it.
One thing that we had been looking forward to taking our kids to was the Cité des Sciences – an amazing hands-on science and technology museum.  It was so big – and so amazing that we could have spent more than a full day just there.  There was tonnes of things that we didn’t even get to – but what we did see was great.  


At the end of the day we as we headed back to catch the train to our friends place for the night, we walked through the Louvre grounds as the sun was setting

We could just see the Eiffel Tower over the city as it sparkled at the top of the hour (not willing to say which hour – or whether we had fed our kids supper yet)
Day two: success.