they’re crafty

On Saturday, Susan agreed to teach the kids to sew.  The older two have been asking for a while – and they got right to it.   They each made two little bags.  It’s funny to watch how two kids can enjoy the same thing for different reasons: one for the crafty-imagination part and one for the innovative-building-something part of it.   
Jonah made one for his Bible and stuff to take to the kids AWANA night, the other has become a book tote.  Matea made her first one for Micah who immediately filled it with ‘treasure’ – and then made another.  They are already asking to make bags with handles  etc….

  (the only thing I did was resist the urge to title this with some incredibly lame pun: like “Sew, Watts new?”  thankful…aren’t you?)


2 responses to “they’re crafty”

  1. Good job guys! They look great!

  2. can you teach me???

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