• Alma’s baptism

    Our little Alma was baptized in our church last Sunday  – here’s a little bit of what it was like  (thanks to Holli for putting it together)

  • skiing


    living on the side of a mountain does have its advantages.  Sure it may not be the best place to learn to ride a bike – but it sure makes for good skiing.

  • baby, it’s cold outside

    baby, it’s cold outside

    “…a frozen curtain has descended across the continent…” French thermometers weren’t expecting this As most of you have heard….it’s cold here.  Not just in the Alpes, but all across Europe. They are estimating now that at least 400 people have died from the cold, and it isn’t over yet. The best data I could find…

  • five months!

    five months!

    Hard to believe  – but Alma is 5 months old today! She continues to grow as she should, smile as we like, and is just a lot of fun to have around.  The other kids continue to be amazed every time she learns something new – and it’s great to see her development through their…