five months!

Hard to believe  – but Alma is 5 months old today!

She continues to grow as she should, smile as we like, and is just a lot of fun to have around.  The other kids continue to be amazed every time she learns something new – and it’s great to see her development through their eyes.

I don’t have much else to say – and  honestly – you’re not here for my writing – so I’ll just leave you to the pictures of her. 

all four with the matching hats Susan made for them

There is a lot of laughter in our house – probably more than before Alma got here. And yes -it’s always laughter. All sunshine and lollipops – our kids never fight, have impecable manners, and clean  up after us.   (the beauty of selective reality through blogging!)

 this is Alma trying out our new bed that we found at a flea-market-type store.  Before we just had a mattress held off the ground by a metal frame with 4 legs. now we have a beautifully carved solid walnut bedframe (which for €60 sure isn’t bad!)


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  1. I love your family. You are all so beautiful.

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