les vacances de fevrier

Well we just had our February vacation time again.  Last year Matea was picking daffodils by now- but we had snow that sat on the ground for probably two weeks this year – so everything is a bit behind.  

The first week started a bit down (the kids get two weeks off) – with everyone except me getting put on antibiotics to combat the wave of scarlet fever that was sweeping through our house.   Luckily everyone got over that in time for us to head down south for five days with friends for some time away. It was a fantastic time, we had a beautiful house to stay in, and our four kids and their four kids had an amazing time together. (more on that later)

Other than that week.  Even though this holiday is known throughout the country as ‘ski vacation’ we did none -due to a broken toe on my part, and all the stupid Parisiens on the slopes (sorry – just trying to fit in with the locals here)

The kids found lots of stuff to keep them busy, like growing sprouts in jars, and waiting – not so patiently for warmer weather to arrive.


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