On Sunday Matea and I competed in our first ever running races. We we’re in the beautiful alpine city of Annecy, nestled in between the lake and the mountains – however you wouldn’t really have known it due to the drizzly grey day.

Matea did her race and got herself a t-shirt and earned a medal for running through the muddy 850m course.

I ran a half-marathon. I started running at the end of November (after wrecking my shoulder when I crashed my mountain bike and couldn’t ride for a while). I decided that I needed some kind of goal to work toward, so I signed up for the half-marathon, not even knowing if I could do it. Of course since I broke my big toe, I had to take four weeks off in February, but I was cautiously hopeful I could do it.

Having never done anything like this before I really didn’t know what to expect. It was quite a big ordeal – there were over 3,000 people running the half marathon alone.

The cut-off time was 2:45, and originally all I was hoping for was to finish- but recently I was starting to think that I could do it closer to 2:00. I ended up finishing the 21km in 2:07, and my knees held out – which I wasn’t sure of lately – so it was a pretty good time overall.


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  1. Good job George and Matea!!!!

  2. Nice work George! Are you going to keep doing half marathons or will you try a full?

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