• 9 months already

    9 months already

    Hard to believe – but our little bébé is already  months old.  She is growing like crazy, making more noise, still has only 2 teeth and a huge smile.  She still is very happy, 

  • les filles en violet

    les filles en violet

    Cutest. Girls. Ever. that is all.

  • Uria’ jeux

    Uria’ jeux

    Saturday was a games day in the park down in Uriage. There was just a whole bunch of games set up – so I took the kids down for a while in the morning.

  • Any time is train time

    Any time is train time

    I’m not kidding, one of these days I’m going to jump through the closing doors on the wrong train in the station, and instead of a 9 min ride around the city I will end up in a foreign city.

  • Cultured


    One of the truly great things about my schedule as a student is that it is often randomly variant  flexible enough that I can do things that many Dads can’t – like being the mom-helper at the kids school.  Last week Matea and Micah had an all day field trip and I went along. We…

  • family hike

    family hike

    Last Wednesday we took a family hike that started just a little ways uphill from our place.The place we were at is about 1000m of elevation – so everything is just a bit behind our place. There were still daffodils there, the leaves are a bit behind – and it was just a bit cooler. cool enough…