family hike

Last Wednesday we took a family hike that started just a little ways uphill from our place.
The place we were at is about 1000m of elevation – so everything is just a bit behind our place. There were still daffodils there, the leaves are a bit behind – and it was just a bit cooler.

cool enough that if you just sit there for the whole hike – you may want to just snuggle in for a while.

We are VERY fortunate to have a serious jogging stroller handed down to us.  It is fantastic on rough trails – and luckily it has a ‘escape leash’ so if you ever loose grip while going down hill (never happened of course – just hypothetically if you were the kind of bad parents that would do that…) she doesn’t take off without you

Part of the trail was a short 1km loop around a little lake with these different sculptures etc.  This one invited you to lie down and contemplate the peace and serenity that comes  from placing your body directly on wood while gazing up at the majestic trees raising their branches gracefully towards the sky…    I think the kids just liked to sit.


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  1. I can’t believe how big Micah is looking.

    1. yes – the force is strong with this one.

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