14 feet along the Cinque Terre

Since the idea of the Cinque Terre holiday is fundamentally about hiking between the villages, that is exactly what we spent a fair amount of our time doing.  So there were 7 of us walking along the trails from age 5 to {redacted} plus Alma on my back.  

The first day we drove to Riomagiore and did the easy walk along the via del amore to Manarola. Twice we we drove down into La Spezia (a real city with grocery stores) and took the train to  Monterosso al Mare, once we stayed there and some played at the beach while others strolled through town. We hiked the ‘officially-closed-but-you-can-still-use-it-just-step-over-the-equipment-we-flew-in” trail from Vernazza to Corniglia.  Basically, we used boats, trains, cars to get to our starting point – and then back home.

The views that you get are amazing.  They are the kind of views that dont’ even seem real. We found ourselves saying on several occasions that it seemed like it was fake, or that we were on a movie set.

funny – it seemed like such a good idea

I can’t explain how glad we were to find this.

A display showing some of the destruction of the flood last year in Vernazza

eating pizza in a shady ‘side street’

coming down some of the stone steps along the vineyard terraces


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