it’s Falling

The weather is starting to cool down – and the kids are back in school – definitely Fall.  Luckily that means harvest from the yard time.  This year we’ve made off like bandits on the apple front (perhaps “bandits’ is not the best term since a tree or two may not exactly be in our yard)


We’ve also had a fairly good harvest of walnuts from the tree in ‘our yard.’

One day Jonah and I took two bags down just past our yard – which is basically a small abandoned orchard.  It doesn’t look like anyone has touched it in years – so the trees don’t produce as weel as they could -but we came back up the hill with bags pretty full. We weighed them when we got to the house- we had over 22kg of apples from just that one picking.


We’ve used quite a few techniques this year: the send-the-small-children-up-the-tree move, the extend the ladder to the top of the tree from uphill and reach for them, the shake the branch and catch them before they roll down the mountain, and even the indian-tea-plantation-style-baby-on-the-back move.


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  1. Grandpa Garry Avatar
    Grandpa Garry

    What!! No child labour laws in France. Great looking apples. Cuter kids.

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