Raquette à neige





Today we drove up the mountain to the wide open alpine plateau for a day of – Raquette-ing…or Raquette a neiging…snowshoeing.


It was a beautiful sunny day – there was tonnes of fresh snow and the scenery was almost unbelievable.



As the afternoon went on – so did the hike – the loop we were on took a number of hours.  But we had some snacks along….plus if you stop walking you don’t get back to the car, and then you don’t get home, so everyone kept on walking.





2 responses to “Raquette à neige”

  1. That looked like so much fun! I am a tiny bit jealous. There’s about that much snow here too, and I have been exploring the hills north of the river.
    Alma is one cute little blondie. Just saying.

  2. Kathleen Sprague Avatar
    Kathleen Sprague

    Looks like fun. Super cool Grandma!

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