Finding beauty at a road-side onion stall

On the way back into the city Z wanted to stop and buy some onions for her mom- as her sister’s wedding was coming up and many traditional Ethiopian dishes rely heavily on them. They were cheaper and better in the area we were driving through than back in Addis – so we pulled over at one of the make-shift stands that line the highway.

I thought Aaron was exaggerating when he said they needed to buy ‘100kg of onions.’

Nope. Two 50kg bags got loaded in the back after they were packed by hand-sorting and filling them.


propping open the door with the bamboo pole


As seems to always be the case here – there were a bunch of kids hanging around. They were of course quite interested in all these faranji buying their dad/brother/uncle/neighbor/friends onions.

Someone said they love to have their pictures taken – if you show them the image when you’re done. I’m pretty sure I had no idea a 5cm lcd screen could bring so much joy to a kid.

Through the orange glow of the African sun filtered through the tattered tarp that was the roof, these kids just kept lining up – taking turns – and laughing, giggling and shouting when I’d show them the picture I’d just taken.







As we were reaching the city  the traffic started getting heavier – lots of trucks, herds of sheep, taxis, and then some more odd things.

can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. Also must say for a Swiss guy – Philip has that crazed-Ethiopian-call thing down pretty good.


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  1. Nicole Scutz Avatar
    Nicole Scutz

    George, this pictures are so beautiful!! True beauty for sure!!

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