Father of the year.

So this is the shirt I got from my kids last father’s day.

Impressive, no?



I thought so. It’s me being declared “Papa de l’année” by someone with as much authority as Darth Vader.  It is a feared and respected Jedi Knight telling people that I – am the Father of the Year. On top of that, if you don’t agree with that judgement, you have Lord Vader to deal with.

Then something hit me yesterday when I was wearing it.  Maybe it’s saying HE is le Papa de l’année.  Or maybe it’s saying I”m the Father of the Year….like him.  You know (and I’m assuming and hoping here you do….)

The character who abandoned his twin children, then repeatedly tried to murder his own son.  He lied to his children, hiding his identity, worked for their arch enemy of them. Who hacked off his only son’s hand, imprisoned his daughter then used torture to get information out of her.

Papa de l’année indeed.