Matea is 10

It’s hard to believe, but we now have two kids with ages measured in double-digits.

Yesterday was Matéa & Grandpa’s birthday.   Grandma & Grandpa got here the day before so they were able to celebrate together.

Last year we were climbing the fortress of Masada and swimming in the Dead Sea for her birthday.  Yesterday it was 13° and sunny here, this morning it’s snowing – so she gets a little bit of everything for her birthday.

She loves her little sister -and loves being a big sister.



She still loves skiing, and has started doing gymnastics once a week as well.  We were hoping that would help her get her jumping-and-standing-on-her-head out of her system…but it seems to have just given her more moves to do.  She can frequently be found standing on her head and loves going fast, high and far – but also likes to sit and make bracelets. She can be found either climbing trees, or doing crafts. But…to be honest…it’s usually the high,fast, tree-climb.

Here are some pictures of Matea from over the past days and months. doing the kinds of things that she enjoys












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  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Matea. We love you so much.

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