And just like that…

…Micah is 9.


Our last week in Rwanda included Micah turning 9.  He is now the third one in our family to have a birthday since we arrived in Africa.  For my birthday we went to Kimembe for lunch overlooking Lake Kivu (and…to go to the Rwandan customs office along the border with D.R. Congo…but that’s not really the point), while for Susan’s birthday we took a family hike in the rainforest.

For Micah – he also had a series of things that definitely fall under the “we’re not in Kansas anymore” category.

For his birthday – he got a chameleon. It is super cool – and named, aptly – Camo.  (Since it was dry season chameleons were apparently harder to catch – so we asked one of the gardners if he could catch one.  He said if he didn’t see one – he would just put out the word that ‘some crazy person is willing to pay for a chameleon’ – and the very next morning, someone was at the door with a chameleon. 2000 RwF ~just under $3)DSC02273

He also got a pair of sandles which are made by hand by a man who has a small shop down the road.  He uses old tires, purses etc  -and some new materials and will custom fit shoes for you – usually in about a day (and for about $7)

Micah was suitably pleased with his new sandals.

Also we found a small drum down by the market at the end of the road.



To celebrate we spent the night camping down at Lake Kivu, at the same place where we often went swimming while staying in Rwanda. While it is only 5km from the mission station – it feels like you are really out there, kind of secluded….except for the boat traffic.

that would be a wooden boat piled several meters high with grass – being pushed along by three guys who each have a single paddle – taking it right across the bay

So yes….it’s very quiet



There were lots of card games


a camp fireDSC02208

pizza cooked on that fire

and then playing with said fire


There was also LOTS of time in the water


including a swim just as the sun was going down…


…and then another one at 7.00 before breakfast

…and even some fishing.

while not the BIGGEST fish ever caught…he did catch it by himself with a metal hook and a chunk of bread

The other 2 families staying at the mission station came down for lunch and cake the next day – and they put together a treasure hunt the culminated with a present tied in a plastic bag to the side of the floating dock.

Good times had by all

It was a great day – celebrating a great kid.