Crescent Island

While we were in Kenya to take Jonah to RVA– we had a free day while he was in school -before we headed back home.  We decided to use our day by driving down the hill about an hour to a place called Crescent Island (fact: not an island) close to Naivasha.

dsc05478The animals were apparently brought here for the filming of 1980’s Academy Award winning film: Out of Africa (fun fact: Susan and I just watched it for the first time when we were in France this summer. Wow. Apparently really long, depressing movies were the thing 30 years ago)

just verifying the fact that – yes, a hippo would chomp off your upper body with one bite


There is not much to say about this place – but merely see. So here are some pictures of what we experienced there:dsc05483

dsc05455 dsc05451 dsc05448 dsc05429 dsc05402 dsc05395 dsc05388 dsc05381 dsc05375 dsc05374 dsc05367 dsc05363almagiraffe dsc05359 dsc05334 dsc05306 dsc05298 dsc05280 dsc05277
dsc05255 dsc05251