Home again, home again…jiggidy jig *

Supper down in the big city. No hippos were sighted.

The big kids are home!  They landed in Bujumbura a week ago Saturday, and we stayed overnigight in the city. 

A little rain couldn’t keep these four out of the pool.  Since there’s no pools in either Kibuye or Kijabe, they’re all pretty happy to be swimmign around. 

I’m quite convinced that it will never not feel strange to have to pick up your kids from an international flight when they come home from school…but such is life #ThisBurundianLife

Already in one week, we’ve had a lot of fun. Lots of family games, bike rides, movies.  The kids have gone up to the feeding program with Susan, visited the orphanage, and distracted their siblings from school work. On Saturday Jonah learned to ride a motorbike – so yesterday we went for an amazing Father-Son ride through the beautiful, lush, rolling hills of this place.

Still to come…setting up the (borrowed) Christmas tree & decorating the house, and so much more.

*I must admit…I really have no idea what that saying means. I have probably thousands of little rhymes, songs, and sayinngs that my Mom (mostly) sang to us [still does actually] that will for ever be with me.