Katavi {Pt.II}

{PART OF THE MEA CULPA SERIES OF POSTS _ where I post things I should have written a long time ago… yeah…that’s on me.}

The second day we got the same guide and saw some new things, some of the same things…but it was great.

{again…almost all these pictures were taken by Jonah…}

Also…I suppose we should have figured that the one tube available at the one open-air tire ‘shop’ in town …would not last super long.

He took us to a spot along a river where there is a spring, so there is always mud, so there is always hippos. Dozens and dozens of hippos, all squished in together, nose-to-tail.

We drove back to Kigoma, and overnighted there again, and then headed back across the border and home.

hammock&mosquito net makes a good night sleep