Micah is 13

{PART OF THE MEA CULPA SERIES OF POSTS _ where I post things I should have written a long time ago. yeah…that’s on me.}

So we now (yes…months ago) have 3 teenagers in the family. Micah turned 13 just before the kids headed back to school.

Yes, every kid changes a lot every year..but his year one of the shocking things that happened is just how much Micah grew.

Judging from various photos it seems that from around his birthday in 2018 until his birthday in 2019 he probably grew about 10cm. And honestly – the majority of that was probably all after Christmas. Hard to find pictures where there is any gage, but these pictures below of Micah standing close to Susan, about 12 months apart

Since his birthday is in the summer, that means his 12th year of life also coincided with his 7th year of school. That makes K,1,2,3 in France, 4 a combination of Canada/ Bujumbura, 5 a combo of Bujumbura/Kibuye, and 6, 7 & 8 here in Kibuye.

He still loves reading, loves building (forts etc) and climbing trees. Playing ultimate frisbee, bike rides, and his most recent activity… motorbike rides.

trip to Rwanda to see the dentist
he tried out some rather varied looks over the year
birthday treats last year – dropping off J & M in Kenya

Micah is a kind soul, and it’s been great to watch him grow, learn, and change over this past year.

Happy Birthday (4 months ago)!